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Coming soon: Photival ED april 2018

Check back here soon for more information!

Photival is the Wellington social documentary photography festival focusing on social, economic and environmental global issues.  We are proud to be acting as a bridge between our audiences and many local and international organisations working for positive social change. Visit our partners page to see who we’ve worked with. All our exhibitions are free and open to the general public. Visit our About page for more information or Contact Us.


2017 Information:

31 photographers : 10 charities : 7 locations

For information on our past 2017 exhibitions use our web app.



1. Birgit Krippner 

2. Guest Curator Myles Little 

3. Chris Corson Scott

4. Conor Clarke 

5. Sim Chi-Yin, Myriam Abdelaziz, Tamara Abdul Hadi (Opens Tuesday 21st)

6. Ans Westra

7. Brink Frontier (Opens Monday 27th)