Image: From ANZ Photobook awards, book covers for winners and finalists, 2018 .

From “ROYGBIV”, Kira Sampurno, Student Photobook NZ/AU Winner 2018

From “ROYGBIV”, Kira Sampurno, Student Photobook NZ/AU Winner 2018

The New Influencers & Photobook NZ/AU exhibitions will be shown at Te Auaha.

The gallery will be open 10-6 Monday- Friday and 10-4 Saturday and Sunday.

Visit this specially curated showcase of outstanding emerging influencers from the city’s photographic educational offerings with a specific focus on documentary work. We are extremely proud to be supporting young talent in partnership with Sony, to enable them to have a platform as they are on the verge of launching into their photographic careers.

Alongside the emerging influencers we’re very proud to be partnered with Photobook NZ/AU to bring you the 4 winners of the 2018 awards, 2 specially selected books by Photival from the finalists that have demonstrated unique approaches to documentary issues, and the 6 other shortlisted finalists.

The Photobook NZ/AU Winners:

Photobook Winner
'Second Sight' by Sarah Walker & Perimeter Books (AU)

Photobook Commended
'Huon' by Noah Thompson (AU)

Student Winner
'ROYGBIV' by Kira Sampurno (NZ)

Photival Selected
'Living with AIDS' (1988) by Fiona Clark (NZ)

'Six for Gold' by Jake Mein (NZ)

Student Commended
'Craigieburn, it's not the same' by Yask Desai (AU)

Photobook Shortlisted

Dream State by Stavros Messinis (AU)

I Want This Life and Another by Robyn Daly (NZ)

Image Ecologies by James Farley & Jacob Raupach (AU)

Permission To Belong by Tammy Law (AU)

The Tensile Strength of a Heartstring by Hannah Rose Arnold (NZ)

The Winter Garden by Christine McFetridge (NZ)

From ANZ Photobook awards, winners page spreads 2018.

From ANZ Photobook awards, winners page spreads 2018.

The New Influencers

Sanne van Ginkel, Massey University Ella MacDiarmid, Massey University Ash Rockett, Te Auaha
Briarna Martelletti, Massey University Sam Gorham, Massey University Connor Hill, Te Auaha

This portion of the exhibition will approach this years theme from various view points depending on the photographers focus and interests. It will bring together many stories that our young people are finding important to navigate in today’s society.

The photographers are a curated selection of the best photographic talent coming out of Te Auaha and Massey University. The work has been curated by the Festival Director and the university course leaders.

The work displays:

  • Outstanding photographic documentary practice in relation to content and execution

  • Relation to this years festival theme Influence

  • The subject is shown in an unusual or unique way

  • A potential for positive impact in influencing societal conversations

From Residents by Sanne van Ginkel

From Residents by Sanne van Ginkel

We’d like to thank Te Auaha, the exhibition sponsor Sony and Momento Pro (the organisers of Photobook NZ/AU) for making these exciting shows possible and for enabling us to help showcase some of the best upcoming talent in the city.