Interview with Kira Sampurno, Student Photobook NZ/AU winner, Demi Heath, Photival Director and Dean Zillwood, President AIPA.



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  • Rachel Carson- Silent Spring

  • David Suzuki - The Sacred Balance

  • Clive Hamilton - Requiem For A Species

  • Tim Flannery - The Weather Makers/ Here on Earth

  • Jared Diamond - Collapse

  • Barbara Feese - Coal: A Human History

  • Bill McKibben - The End Of Nature/ Oil & Honey

  • Naomi Klein - This Changes Everything

  • David Spratt & Philip Hutton - Climate Code Red

  • Sonja Shah - Crude

  • Bob Brown - Memo For A Saner World

  • Jay Griffiths - Wild

  • James Howard Kunstler - The Great Disruption

  • J. Morris Hicks - Healthy Eating Healthy World

  • Isabella Lovin - Silent Seas

  • Jonathan Safran Fields - Eating Animals

  • Elisabeth Kolbert - Field notes from a Catastrophe

  • Peter Mass - Crude World

  • David Montgomery - Dirt; The erosion of Civilisations

  • Revolution - Russell Brand

  • Yuval Hoah Harari - Sapiens; A brief history of mankind

  • Jane Mayer - Dark Money

  • Michael Pollan - The Omnivores Dilemma

  • Amitav Ghosh - The Great Derangement

  • Diane Ackerman - The Human Age

  • Colin Tudge - The Secret Life off Trees


The Psychology Report - This podcast looks at how to tell the difference between fact and fiction on a ‘post-truth’ internet. A conversation between Sarb Johal and Prof. Sam Wineberg of Stanford University. The transcript is also up here as well as a link to the podcast. 

FotoForensics - This site enables the user to input an image to see if any part of it has been edited or manipulated. - This is a fact checking website which looks into the details behind news stories.

#keeponkimiora - A photographic project by Edith Amituanai working with children in Kimi Ora Community School, giving them the power to depict themselves in imagery.


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