Image: Raza by Mohammed Awadh / Save the Children, 19/07/2018

100 Years of Child Rights will be shown at FLUX, Wellington Museum.

For the past 100 years Save the Children has been working around the world to ensure children are safe, protected and have the opportunity to learn. 100 Years of Child Rights showcases the positive impact the organisation has had on children’s lives around the world throughout that time.

The exhibition will show the Influence the organisation has had on children’s lives across the world and throughout history including imagery from Yemen, Syria and Bangladesh.

Save the Children’s extraordinary story

It began in 1919, when their founder Eglantyne Jebb launched the pioneering fight to feed children affected by the famine in Russia. Today the organisation carries her spirit forward with unrelenting courage and compassion, as they take a stand for the rights of children worldwide. 

The exhibition will display a variety of photographers work covering many subjects, form many parts of the world, including Christchurch-based, internationally published, documentary photographer Giora Dan. His poignant photographs of Daulatdia brothel (Bangladesh) is a home to 1,500 women who sell their bodies to over 3,000 men each night. Their children live with them, the little ones often hiding under the bed while their mothers service their clients.

In 1997, Save the Children opened the first and only school in Daulatdia, where children get health care, meals, an education and lots of love from trained teachers. Today the organisation runs a primary school and a pre-school, giving more than 700 children the chance to escape the life of the brothel.

Daulatdia teenager

Daulatdia teenager