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Virginia Wood-Jacks will be running Portfolio Reviews on Saturday at flux with James Gilberd  on Sunday at Massey with Caroline McQuarrie.

Virginia Wood-Jacks current works are a document to acknowledging all the stages of the life. Her work is all created in camera or within a traditional film based process and is reflective of how Virginia sees and responds to her subjects, leading the viewer to stop and take some time with the piece. “Mindfulness is key to my practice; I am an observer. In my observations I become very attuned to my surroundings, the light, the wind, the sounds and of course, everything I see.” Wood Jacks' work is a response to this process.

Raised in England Virginia received her BA Hons in Photography from The University of Creative Arts at Rochester Kent. She was awarded Masters in Fine Art with distinction from Massey University Wellington.

“Any work of art makes one very simple demand on anyone who genuinely wants to get in touch with it. And that is to stop. You’ve got to stop what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, and what you’re expecting and just be there…for however long it takes” – W. S Merwin.

This quote sums up both how she approaches her practice and her desire for the end result. The works start with a question or a point of interest that she investigates and responds to photographically.